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Hello, I’m Susie.

I’m dedicated to making entrepreneurs, employees, and CEOs look, sound and feel good about public speaking. Over the past seven years, I’ve helped many become the rockstars of their industry and featured in Forbes in questionable attire (Nothing says ‘radical industry disrupter’ like a woman in an M&S jumper).

But how did I get there? 

After graduating from drama school, I entered the corporate world. Soon I noticed that the stiff, over-formal jargon of the 90s was still alive and kicking in the board rooms. And people hated it. They came across as somebody they weren't: insecure, boring, and repetitive. Because of my background in drama and acting, people began to ask me for help ahead of speeches and presentations. Seven years and a certificate as a coach later, I have helped teams at Rolls Royce, Disney and other corporations give the most incredible and natural speeches in front of huge audiences.

I also share my thoughts and knowledge on my TikTok and LinkedIn and through my in-depth online course, The Susie Ashfield Academy.

I want you to feel amazing when talking to an audience, but even more, I want you to be able to be yourself when standing in front of people. I won't give you an autocue to work with because you won't need it.

I get up in the morning because I'm driven to share everything I've learned so people can communicate with confidence and reach their goals.

Originally from a famously odd (think Alan Partridge) part of the UK, I now live in London with an excellent life coach, a dog called Bolly. Skiing is my oldest hobby, whilst ice skating is my newest. I am also a volunteer mentor for Fine Cell Work.

Oh yeah, about that course again. If you sign up, you’ll get access to 24 modules packed with tips and tricks around communication and confidence, plus a 30% discount on all 1-on-1 coaching sessions. You can book a taster here.

Other Coaches on the team

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Joshua Roche
Speech and Communications Coach

Josh is a highly skilled speech and communication coach with over a decade of experience directing plays in London's West End for renowned companies such as The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Young Vic. Leveraging his theatre background, he offers expert coaching to individuals and executives seeking to improve their public speaking and communication skills.

Previous Clients: Neural Alpha, Maximum Performance, Zephr, Signal, Yo Sushi, Transatlantic, Zuora & Various Political Candidates.

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Kat Engall
Voice Coach and Storyteller

Kat is an experienced speech and presentation coach, offering a range of communication and vocal workshops to diverse clients including doctors, lawyers, actors, and singers. She started off as an actor, and then working as a tour guide realized the application of drama school skills in delivering more engaging tours. Her coaching method aims to boost confidence in communication and includes inspiring a team they are leading or speaking at conferences.

Previous Clients: Adidas, Railpen, Kurve Marketing, Canto, Northumbrian Water, Pets At Home, Vision Express, Laser Clinics, MCM Architecture.

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