Step up your game and quieten your inner critic.

There are many good speech coaches out there and a lot of good speech writers, but few are able to holistically approach a client and completely transform them.

Being at the top can be tough. For my C-suite clients, who have accidentally fallen into CEO positions, communication is key. The public and internal perception of a leader can impact the share price of the company they work within.
I can make them rock stars in their industry. My clients become TED-style talkers, easily able to wow their shareholders.

But 1:1 coaching isn't only for CEOs: I've navigated the tricky waters of taking a terrified middle manager and helping them become someone who can win pitches and network for their next promotion.

That's why have worked with FTSE 100 multinationals, politicians, sports personalities and start-ups.

I've been known to take my clients out of their shiny skyscrapers into a pub so they get out of their stuffy environment and into their own heads.

I can help you to:
  • Cure stage fright
  • Create content
  • Get you your next promotion
  • Turn tech talks into TED Talks
  • Make you feel fearless.

Yes, we'll dig deep and iterate quickly, but we'll do all this with a sense of humour and authenticity. If you're ready to debunk your insecurities, gain confidence, and invest in yourself, you can message me to book a 30-minute complimentary taster session.
If you're ready to debunk your insecurities, gain confidence, and invest in yourself, you can message me to book a 30-minute complimentary taster session.

Team workshops to boost their confidence- and your sales.

These workshops are different:
We'll break down everything your team needs to know about communication and confidence into a step-by-step process that's easy to follow, and we'll be walking through it together so they not only feel confident in their skills but have fun learning them, too!

Plus, we're as flexible as you are: our workshops are available as full-day, half-day and bite-sized sessions.

Find all the details about our workshops here. Download the brochure.

Get them excited again.

Susie Ashfield can engage, inspire, and capture the hearts and minds of your audience and fill them full of beans/ knock those jitters out ready to tackle the challenges we all face.

Her down-to-earth, plain-speaking style has impressed audiences across Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Belgium, UK-wide, and even the UN.

If you're looking for a keynote speaker who

  • Will bring theory to life and leave your team talking about it long after the event
  • Can speak to the team without sounding corporate
  • Takes time and interest in your business and puts together a session that leaves the audience wanting more
  • Has a refreshing and balanced approach to business and personal life situations with great examples to reflect on

Then Susie is an ideal match for your next event.

Here's a selection of topics she has covered:
'Iconic Public Speaking' at The Supper Club,
'How To Scent Your Home For Christmas' at The White Company Corporate Event,
'The Mysteries and Secrets of Highclere Castle' - at The Great British Tour Event,
'Putting Your Aspirations into Action' at GBC Pitman Conference for Pitman Training London,
'Be Brave' at the 'Women in Tech' event, for You Equal Tech,
'The Silent Language of Leaders' at The Supper Club,
'Ultimate Personal Impact: What's your brand?' at International Training Conference for GBC Learning

3 reasons to book Susie Ashfield
  1. Her presentation techniques and public speaking tips have been tried and tested in real-world scenarios.
  2. She's not your typical speaker: Susie's storytelling, humour, and interactive exercises keep the audience on the edge of their seats.
  3. Her “no-waffle”- policy ensures maximum relevance and impact for the attendees.
Learn Valuable Skills.

For your next presentation. Or your next adventure.

Feel inspired and motivated.

Even Disney wanted Susie's spark.

Enhance your event experience.

Because people want to take more home than a free pen.

Excited to have Susie speak at your event? Fill out our contact form and let's make it happen.

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